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Press Release and Community Awareness

 December 15th, 2010

The OC Register newspaper ran a story about The Foundation for Neurosciences, Stroke and Recovery's executive director of movement disorders Allison Smith-Conway.  It details the challenges she has faced and how she created the "Parkinson's in Balance" program.  For the full article and pictures, click on the link below.


September 30, 2010  




The Foundation for Neurosciences Stroke and Recovery (FNSR), a non-profit foundation that provides education, outreach and support to patients with Parkinson's disease and other movement disorders, is pleased to announce the addition of a new Executive Director of Movement Disorders, Allison Smith-Conway, who has joined FNSR to add her expertise in behavioral science and physical fitness to the foundation's outreach programs. She also brings her own personal experience with Parkinson's disease to her new position.   "Allison is a good fit for FNSR because she demonstrates a strong desire and determination to provide assistance, education and invaluable resources to patients who struggle with Parkinson's disease," explained FNSR Founder Christopher M. Duma, M.D., a neurosurgeon specialist who serves as Medical Director of Brain and Spine Surgeons of Orange County, and heads the Brain Tumor and Gamma Knife Programs at Hoag Memorial Hospital Presbyterian in Newport Beach.      At FNSR, Allison will implement a new program called "Parkinson's in Balance," which will provide support to Parkinson's patients and their families for a small donation to FNSR. All donations will provide support to maintain services, such as individual, couples and family therapy, well-being screening, physical fitness, education and support group for newly diagnosed patients.  "If my personal experience and professional training  can give hope to someone who is facing Parkinson's disease or if I can improve someone's health with a therapeutic experience, then I have found a deeper meaning to life."  Allison was diagnosed with pre-stages of colon cancer at the age of 24 and went through 13 surgeries within three years due to complications.  After fighting for her life in her 20's, she is now fighting another chronic disease, Parkinson's disease, which she was diagnosed with at the age of 32.

Despite all this, Allison, now 33, looks healthy and has the energy of an athlete.   Her motto is "Look for the positive in any life challenge." She feels that these types of "life dilemmas," although cause set backs, can also provide a deeper meaning to life.
 After completing her deep brain stimulation surgeries, and before the 34 staples in her head were removed, she knew the path of her life was about to change.  She made her diagnosis public as she made contact with the National Parkinson's Foundation Orange County Chapter (NPFOCC) and asked how she could bring hope to other patients who struggle with neurological deficiencies. Now a chapter member of NPF-Orange County Chapter and attending weekly support groups throughout Orange County, Allison has found a way to shift a negative experience into something positive. 

For more information about Allison Smith-Conway and Parkinsons in Balance, please visit To Schedule an appointment with Allison, please call 866-be-balanced (866) 232-2526.